Wrap-Up: 24HrPHL Dialogue with Lutz Leichsenring

Photos by Tim Blackwell – @shotsfired215

Last Thursday, Berlin Clubcommission Exective Spokesman and Creative Footprint founder Lutz Leichsenring gave a lecture to the public and the 24HrPHL community at Liaison Room in Philadelphia. After the lecture, panelists Chris Ward, Larisa Kingston Mann, George Lawrence, the audience and moderator Michael Fichman held a discussion about nightlife and the city. Topics discussed included the role of the artist in the economy, the power of organizing and protest, the role of race in American vs European club culture, gentrification and more.

The event was recorded in its entirety and is streaming for free on the 24HrPHL Soundcloud.

You can view the contents of Lutz’s presentation in PDF form.

Many thanks to Lutz Leichsenring, Liaison Room, Shawn Ryan, Tim Blackwell, PennPraxis, Knight Foundation and 880 Cities for their support of this event.

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